Dr. Michael Yeadon: Are the MRNA injections toxic by mistake or by design?

Dr. Michael Yeadon,PhD, former Vice-President and Chief Scientific Officer for Allergic and Respiratory Diseases worldwide for the drug company, Pfizer. He is the co-founder and former CEO of the biotech company Ziarco.

Topic:  Are the MRNA injections toxic by mistake or by design? Why is the WHO pressing them on the world?

Dr. Michael Yeadon’s presentation at a SVPTF webinar, Every Breath You Take: Big Brother’s Plan to Stalk You through the WHO, on Feb. 27, 2023


Dr. Michael Yeadon: [00:00:00] I can hardly describe to the audience how frustrated and angry as well as worried I feel. So I’m a career scientist, as Frank said. It’s been obvious to me since about April 2020. That what was going on, these cells, which hadn’t yet fully understand, had as its logical endpoint totalitarian control of of everyone [00:00:30] on the planet using digital techniques. And I’m afraid I believed then. And I believe even more firmly now that it’s not just Big Brother in control that we face, it’s extinction. And I’m going to describe why I am so sure about that. I’m getting up to three figures of interviews I’ve given, and it’s immensely frustrating because as I gather [00:01:00] knowledge, I grow more and more certain of some of the things I’m going to tell you. And they ought to be such that a reasonable person, having heard them, you either got to decide that despite my years of experience and the fact that I’ve gained nothing from speaking out, I’m either mad or what I’m telling you is pretty, right? Pretty well, right. It’s the latter. Obviously. I don’t think I’ve gone crazy and I’ve received not a penny of compensation. [00:01:30] I haven’t thought it nor accepted anything, so I’ll cut to the chase then. So before we get into the vaccines, it’s actually really rather important to go back to the big picture. I’ve got a rhetorical question for you. How many times what’s the right number of times would you think it appropriate for the public health people in your country and the leading politicians in your country to get on the TV and lie to you in your face? [00:02:00] What’s the right number of times if it’s in relation to health matters that could affect your health, your family’s health, or your life? How many times? The answer is zero, isn’t it? Am I make mistakes? But if they deliberately tell you things that they know are not true and can affect your health and life, I think you should disregard everything they say thereafter.

Dr. Michael Yeadon: [00:02:22] What I’m going to tell you is the authorities in every country have said I’ve done nothing but [00:02:30] lie to your face since the beginning of 2020 in relation to this alleged pandemic. So they told us, for example, that the threat to the population’s health was very severe, and it was on that basis that you were going to have to do all sorts of ridiculous things like locking down and getting mass tested. Well, as the reality has come out a few months ago and check the data, the lethality of this alleged virus is about the same [00:03:00] as influenza. So straight away the entire. Apparatus falls away at the first question, which is are we under a severe threat? The answer is no. They knew we weren’t under a severe threat. Right.

Dr. Michael Yeadon: [00:03:18] I could spend hours talking about this, but they lied about population health threats, severity. They knew it wasn’t severe and they persisted in pretending it was. But the data well accepted now [00:03:30] is that it wasn’t. And then they insisted on a whole panoply of medical countermeasures, really non-pharmaceutical interventions. So they made you wear masks? I knew long before COVID that masks are splash guards. They don’t filter your air. They cannot possibly filter alleged viruses in your breath. They’re splash guards. Look at the way the air goes around the side. That’s a second line, isn’t it? Don’t really believe that these masks filter little infective [00:04:00] organisms in your breath. I hope you don’t. It’s ludicrous. Filthy thing across your face all day. They lied and said that when ill people turn up at hospital, if they have COVID selectively, if they have COVID, we’re not going to treat them. No early treatments are possible. No treatments are allowed. And they made them go home until they were blue, literally. And then when they came back, they reflexively murdered in hospital. That’s another lie. They made you lockdown or unless you’re an essential worker. [00:04:30] And then you could go backwards and forwards and serve them, making sandwiches or packing food in food plants. And you may have all the loads of places serving in supermarkets. Did you know that the amount of illness in food packing plants and in supermarkets was not any greater than anywhere else in the community? What that tells you is and that was fairly obvious and you know, when I was telling you this, it’s true.

Dr. Michael Yeadon: [00:04:59] What that tells [00:05:00] you is the whole idea of lockdowns was just to separate you. It made no difference whatsoever for the spread of this alleged viral pathogen. We we knew that beforehand. It was proven in numerous peer reviewed journal articles by the summer of 2020. And yet, goddamn it, they locked us down again. Christmas 2020. So I’ve just proved to you that your authorities lied in your face repeatedly, and they’re still lying in your face. [00:05:30] This whole thing is a multi year plan designed to accomplish what it’s accomplishing, which is to smash civil society, to wreck the economy, and to introduce digital various digital controls, not least of which is that war criminal Tony Blair’s repeated call for digital ID and as other people on this call will point out, if you’ve got a digital ID [00:06:00] that you have to present before you enter or leave a premises, remember, every permit could be regulated in that way easily just by putting a camera and a lock on it, including your front door. Don’t think they’re going to allow you to move freely around and stop you getting on planes. They could stop you moving into a shop, out of a shop, or even out of your own house.

Dr. Michael Yeadon: [00:06:22] It’s just limited by cameras and electronic locks on the door. It’s that easy. And so you [00:06:30] don’t need a digital ID. You’ve lived a whole life without a digital ID. Your life is not your safety does not require it whatsoever. So if I achieve nothing else by this, call this conversation. When they say, Oh, you’ve got to register if you’re digital, I must say, no, I’m going to say no even if I am thereby financially excluded. If you if you accept this, you are in the first stages of the same funnel that cattle go [00:07:00] down or at the end they’re in the crush cage waiting the stun bullet. That’s this is the beginning of it. So please say no, because there’s no escape from the totalitarian control that digital ID regulates. Your access to. Every space into every transaction will will grant whoever owns the database and controls the algorithm controls you. They will abolish cash, introduce central bank [00:07:30] digital currencies as readily described, and you will not be able to transact at all. So I think I’ve persuaded you that they lied about the the pandemic. I personally don’t think was any pandemic at all. And had they not had the panoply of mass testing and the terror of 24/7 network TV, I don’t think anyone would have noticed anything. The people who were ill were suffering from the normal illnesses, amplified [00:08:00] tremendously by the stress and fear that was being pumped out of their televisions.

Dr. Michael Yeadon: [00:08:05] Fear is one of the biggest inhibitors of human immune system. It makes you ill. And that’s what they did. They lied to you. And what all that happened is they amplified all the normal illnesses and then they treated people badly, effectively murdering them. But here’s the worst part. Now, they had us believing that there was this pathogen floating around and you had to be vaccinated. [00:08:30] Well, let me just point out a couple of little fact. Lits vaccination could never have been a successful or appropriate response to a respiratory viral pathogen. And it’s not going to be the next time because there’s going to be a next time you’re going to do this again. That’s why I’m speaking, right? I mean, everything’s happening like I just retired to my shed. They’re going to do this again. The reason that these vaccines could not work is, again today injected them into you [00:09:00] and they create immune response if they work in your blood compartment. But the pathogen has gone in your nose and lungs. It’s in a different part of your body. And they do not meet. The immune reaction from the injected vaccine plays no role whatsoever in protecting you from infection from an airborne pathogen. So I knew that they knew that all the players who’ve been lying to you knew what I just told you could not work.

Dr. Michael Yeadon: [00:09:28] Flu vaccines, I’m afraid, don’t [00:09:30] work really either for the same reason. And they’ve lied and sold them into your communities for decades. I didn’t know that until the last three years. But they don’t work. They could never have worked. Early treatment would have been the right thing to do, and it would all have been over. Then, of course, we’ve got the magic warp speed development. I mean, do you really think they managed to develop in parallel all the things they would have normally taken seven, ten, [00:10:00] 12 years to do and they managed to do it in less than a year. No, they didn’t. It’s literally impossible for them to have done. And I knew that I’d be pretty terrified in the middle of 2020 when I finally idly had a look at what they’re actually doing. And I’m going to talk to you about about that. So and I as soon as I realized what they were doing, I knew they were going to coerce it into everyone, even though they said, oh, we’ll give it to the vulnerable, the elders. So I have been made infamous by this phrase I’m going to give you. I’m [00:10:30] off. Aren’t these vaccines that we know of harms people? Were they toxic by accident? Or, as I put it, toxic by design. Now, I’ve spent I spent 32 years in biopharma research.

Dr. Michael Yeadon: [00:10:45] I was a VP in Pfizer, head of worldwide research for respiratory. Ten years in biotech. And I ran my own biotech, which we sold to Novartis, which was then the biggest drug company in the world. So I’m not stupid. [00:11:00] I know what I’m doing. So when I tell you that having spent all those years in R&D, we worked on something called rational drug design, when you’re trying to bring about effects, you don’t just randomly gather a handful of nuts and bolts, as it were, from the molecular toolkit and hope they work. You’re actually trying to ask, Where do I want the medicine to be? How long should it last? Should it go everywhere? What kind of concentrations do I want in order to bring about an effect and to do so safely? [00:11:30] So when I looked at the design of these so-called vaccines, I found at least three things that I can describe quickly to you, that if you accept what I tell you, you can no longer believe that these are toxic accidentally. That is, they were designed to injure, to maim and to kill. And the only reason they’ve only killed about ten or 12 million people so far is because their manufacturing is terrible. And [00:12:00] but if they did it again, if you inject it, say, ten more times, I think they’d probably do it. And that is exactly what they have planned.

Dr. Michael Yeadon: [00:12:08] So the three items you should look at when you’re trying to make a vaccine like this. You have to choose which bits of the alleged pathogen you’re going to pick to put into your vaccine. Now, I would suggest to you you’d pick a bit that was different from you and that was not harmful. So you might pick a bit of, I don’t know, [00:12:30] a bit of the virus that doesn’t seem to do anything to you. It might be important to the virus. Didn’t do anything to, you know, which bits did they pick? The spike protein, the bits on the outside. That’s the bit that actually was known beforehand to be biologically really violently active, stimulating blood clotting and neurological problems and other things. All four drug companies picked spike protein. So there you go. Straightaway. I knew this was this [00:13:00] was not an accident. Somebody was trying to harm people. The next thing, in order to convert this theoretical drug in your test tube into something like a medicine that you can administer, you have to formulate it and formulations to make a spray, a tablet, a cream. An injection requires you to mix it with something else, and you have to choose what to do in order to make it stable and to protect it and so on. When I looked at what they were doing, they’ve covered it in lipid nanoparticles. [00:13:30] That’s the both mRNA vaccines and lipid nanoparticles.

Dr. Michael Yeadon: [00:13:35] They’re effectively covering it with facts. Your body has a violent dislike for genetic information. That’s how you preserve that most precious thing, your own genetic heritage. So it’s a pretty good thing and not surprising. Your cells are really good at rejecting foreign genetic information, not letting it in. But if you cover it, in fact, same sort of stuff, your cells are made of, it glides right through the cell wall, goes everywhere in your body. [00:14:00] So they they told us when they injected it in your shoulder, I would just say they’re going to limp system. No, I mean, obviously, I knew it was going to be all around the body. It’s exactly what it does do and it’s what it’s designed to do. It’s designed to do that. I found a paper ten years old and well known to people in formulation, research and development, these kind of formulations, which were designed for medicines that were thought maybe [00:14:30] to tackle the most serious cancers. So the mRNA technologies, when I was in Pfizer, we were thinking of them as treatment for really serious cancers, and they just happened to have this feature where they concentrate in certain internal organs the spleen, the liver and the ovaries. So yeah, ovaries. So when you inject it with this material, ladies and girls, I’m confident that what has happened is these materials have concentrated in your ovaries.

Dr. Michael Yeadon: [00:14:59] And [00:15:00] the third part is the mRNA technology itself, completely unsuitable for an all comer medicine. And it’s for this reason, it’s really easy. Your immune system is designed to attack things against your body that aren’t you. Put in another way anything that’s non self. Your immune system is really good at spotting that it’s non-self and if it spots it, it will throw in all the troops. It’s got cellular, chemical [00:15:30] and attack that entity to drive it out because it knows you’ve been invaded. What happens when you get injected with an mRNA that codes for a foreign protein, a spike protein from a virus, a non cell protein that every cell that gets that stuff, which I have said is formulated in such a way as to go all around your body, including concentrating your ovaries. In that point, it starts to make this non-self protein. Your immune system goes, Hello, I’ve got something [00:16:00] inside me that shouldn’t be here and your immune system attacks your own body. That’s one of the most fundamental problems with this technology. And any vaccine that they tell you is made using this new shiny technology, do not allow them to inject your children with it. Now, they are currently reformatting all existing vaccines in the mRNA format, and that’s why Pfizer and Moderna are opening factories all [00:16:30] around the world and governments around the world, including mine in the UK and New York in the US, has agreed business terms to acquire enough injections to inject every citizen in your country man, woman, child and baby ten times over.

Dr. Michael Yeadon: [00:16:46] With materials like this, which I have explained to you, are designed to go everywhere in your body and to bring about an auto immune attack on your own body. So if you felt you had some side effects with some of these [00:17:00] injections, which I didn’t take, of course, because I could see they were going to be dangerous. But if you had some side effects or, you know, anyone else had some side effects. Now multiply it by ten times because I’m going to finish now. I think the combination of digital ID, which will become your I think it’ll become your one health digital passport. Why not? It’s got all your details on it, date of birth, who you are, where you’ve been and your vaccine status and your health status. [00:17:30] So if the W.H.O. says we’re going to have a one health passport, that means, oh, you’ve all got to have all of the injections. If you don’t have it, your digital I.D. becomes invalid and you can’t enter or leave any regulative premise. And like I said, everywhere can be regulated if they want it to be. So that’s the fight in front of us. And the way we stop this is by recovering the power of, No, I’m not doing this.

Dr. Michael Yeadon: [00:17:56] And if enough of us say we’re not doing it, they can’t [00:18:00] win. They’ll only win if they persuade us. Almost like farm animals, like, you know, just to simply go along with what everyone else is doing. So I’ve given the last three years of my life to warn people this is what’s coming. But I can’t save you. Only you can do it. Anyone you know in your network that you think should hear this message, you must tell them I can never reach them. They’re not on this call. [00:18:30] And the mainstream media are never going to tell them the truth. It’s down to you. If you don’t do it, we will lose. Okay, so I’m going to stop. At this point, we’ve been lied to. I don’t think there’s been a pandemic. I don’t think respiratory, serious respiratory illness, pandemics are even possible. And vaccines would never have been an appropriate response, even if they’d been responsibly developed, which they have not been. And these specific ones is mRNA have been designed in such a way as to injure, [00:19:00] maim and kill, and they’re coming at you with more of them. So you decide if you’re going to believe CNN or if you’re going to believe this. This guy who’s given all his time, having been in the industry all his professional life, given what I’ve explained to you. So I suppose pause at this point.


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