Release: Stop COVID-19 Mandates for Babies and Children

The  Stop Vaccine Passports Task Force and the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation are collaborating to stop Covid-19 vaccine mandates for children.  Each organization is asking its members to send emails demanding Governors and State Legislators to issue public statements refusing to follow the Center for Disease Control’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) unanimous vote to “recommend” the Covid-19 injections for all U.S. infants, children and teens, beginning at 6 months of age and continuing annually until adulthood.  The CDC has adopted ACIP’s recommendation.

Release | COVID jabs: They’re coming for your babies

PRESS ADVISORY For Immediate Release July 25, 2022 CONTACTS: For the Committee on the Present Danger: China Hamilton Strategies, [email protected], Beth Harrison, 610.584.1096, ext. 105, or Deborah Hamilton, ext. 102 For Women’s Rights Without Frontiers Reggie Littlejohn, 310.592.5722 [email protected]   COVID jabs: They’re coming for your babies Tuesday, July 26 at 4:30pm ET — CPDC webinar … Read more

RELEASE: Digital gulag: At Davos and Geneva world elites announce global surveillance platforms

The globalists at Davos and the World Health Organization (WHO) continue to build out the Digital Gulag of the Great Reset. In meetings hosted in Geneva earlier this month it was revealed that the WHO has contracted with Deutsche Telecom and its subsidiary, T-Systems, for the development of a global vaccine passport platform. And, at Davos, the World Economic Forum (WEF) showcased plans for a global carbon footprint tracker. Both tools are gateways to mass surveillance and social credit systems modeled on Communist China’s brutal and draconian system of population control.

Release | WEBINAR: Stop the Sellout Of U.S. Sovereignty to the WHO

A world-class panel, including  Dr. Peter Breggin and former Representatives Pete Hoekstra and Michelle Bachmann, discuss the upcoming meeting of the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland between May 22 – 28 where U.S.-proposed amendments will be adopted that would make the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) the sole arbiter of what is a “public health emergency of international concern” and dictate how our government and others must respond to it. This would be the greatest voluntary surrender of our national sovereignty since our Republic was founded.

Media Advisory: Digital Gulag Webinar

China’s Social Credit System – a formidable instrument of mass surveillance and totalitarian control – may be implemented in the United States and world-wide through, among other things, combining a digital vaccine passport infrastructure and a cashless society.