Take action! Stop Global Tyranny!

The WHO wants to grab global control through health. The UN wants to do the same thing through climate change. Both are pushing global digital IDs. Meanwhile, G20 and the Bank of International Settlements want to impose Central Bank Digital Currencies worldwide. If we do not resist now, we will inevitably become trapped in a digital gulag.

On September 20, the UN is hosting one of three high-level meetings on health with WHO officials attending.

Save Babies and Children from the COVID Jab

The FDA and CDC approved Covid-19 injections for babies and children as young as 6-months old, under an Emergency Use Authorization. The FDA and CDC did this despite the fact that healthy infants and children of this age are at virtually no risk of hospitalization or death from Covid.

Stop the Sellout of US Sovereignty to the WHO

It is appalling to me that the Biden administration is not only going along with, but has actually initiated, the greatest voluntary surrender of our national sovereignty since our Republic was founded. As things stand now, at a meeting of the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland between the 22nd and 28th of May, U.S.-proposed amendments will be considered for adoption, amendments that would materially alter the existing, Senate-approved International Health Regulations Treaty.

Open Letter

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