Group holds panel discussion on “protecting your freedom”

By Kelly Broderick | ABC2 WMAR Baltimore | Sep 21, 2021

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. — Protect your freedom! That’s the message from the Republican Women of Baltimore County.

Members of that group gathered to voice their concerns about vaccine mandates and the possibility of vaccine passports.

Reggie Littlejohn was at the panel discussion tonight and says the idea of digital vaccine passports is a security risk and could lead to governmental overreach.

She also adds that President Biden’s full support of vaccine mandates leaves a lot to be desired.

“When he said that he was going to be supporting mandates he didn’t mention anything about religious exemptions or medical exemptions. I think that it’s important to respect people’s religious and medical exemptions. And he also didn’t say anything about natural immunity.”

Littlejohn adds that ignoring the benefits of natural immunity to COVID-19 isn’t quote, “Following the science”. Six other people were also part of the panel discussion tonight.

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