MSU Student Who Started Petition Against Mandated COVID Vaccines Delivers Powerful Speech To Over 1,000 At Huge MI Protest

By Patty McMurray | Gateway Pundit | August 8, 2021

On Friday afternoon, 100 Percent Fed Up traveled to Lansing, MI, to cover a huge protest against mandated vaccines sponsored by Stand Up Michigan.

Over 1,000 people showed up to show their support for frontline workers, students, and hard-working Michigan residents whose employers or school administrators are demanding they receive COVID vaccinations as a requirement of employment or to receive a college education.

On Friday, July 30, only one day after the far-left University of Michigan announced a mandatory vaccination policy, including for online students, Michigan State University President Samuel Stanley sent an email to MUS students and parents informing them of the university’s decision to implement a mandatory COVID vaccination policy for all students and staff. According to President Stanley’s letter, students have less than one month to be vaccinated.

One brave student on a campus with almost 50,000 students decided he wouldn’t sit back and allow Michigan State University to mandate emergency FDA-approved COVID jabs without a fight.

PJ Sarotte a senior at MSU’s James Madison College started a petition on day after he received the email from MSU President Samuel Stanley demanding students get the COVID jab.

PJ was one of the featured speakers at the rally on Friday. (PJ’s speech can be seen below.)

We caught up with PJ Sarotte and MSU student Julie Radford after the Stand Up Michigan Protest Against Mandated Vaccines rally, where PJ was a featured speaker. We asked PJ why he decided to write the petition and if he’s received any pushback from fellow students?

Julie, a mother of two young children, who is now working with the MSU senior to help him gather signatures on his petition, told us how PJ inspired her to join his fight against mandated COVID vaccines. Together, PJ and Julie are on track to hit 15,000 signatures with a goal of 50,000.  Please consider helping them to reach their goal by signing their petition demanding that students are given the right to make their own decision about whether to receive the COVID jab or not.

Sarotte’s petition was published on on August 1st. To date, MSU President Samuel Stanley has not responded to Sarotte’s petition. However, if PJ gets to his goal of 50,000 signatures, he’s hoping the Michigan State University president will respond to his petition and consider changing his position on mandated emergency FDA-approved COVID vaccines as a condition for students to attend in-person classes and live on campus.

Watch PJ’s speech at the protest against mandated vaccines here:


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