Webinar | Plandemics – What are they planning for your next public health emergency?

A Stop Vax Passports Task Force Webinar

What are they planning for your next public health emergency?

Biden just signed a bill ending the Covid-19 national emergency. Can we relax and rejoice that the pandemic is over, or are we just being given a reprieve between “plandemics”?

What infrastructure was laid during the Covid-19 pandemic that could be used to destroy our national sovereignty and personal medical freedom in the case of another pandemic?

What progress has been made in the creation of mandatory digital IDs, that can be used as the basis of the China Social Credit system of surveillance and totalitarian control – under the pretext of protecting our health?

What impact would the passage of the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations, as well as the new pandemic treaty, have on our national sovereignty and personal medical freedom?

Is the new FED NOW system – to go live in July – an alternative to the CBDC, or a first step towards it?

Was a trap set in the last pandemic that will snap shut in the next one?

Co-Host and Moderator

  • Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, Co-Chair of the Stop Vaccine Passports Task Force.  A graduate of Yale Law School, she is an expert on coercive population control and human rights in China and has testified nine times at the United States Congress. She equally focuses her efforts on stopping Chinese-style tyranny from spreading to the United States and worldwide through a totalitarian biotech surveillance state.
    ·       Topic:  Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies – Will the infrastructure laid in the Covid-19 pandemic trap us in the next one?


  • Sasha Latypova, Ex-pharma/biotech with 25 years of experience in clinical trials, clinical technologies and regulatory approvals. Owned and managed several contract research organizations and worked for 60+ pharma companies worldwide. Interacted with FDA as part of a scientific industry consortium on improving cardiac safety assessments in clinical trials.  Substack:  Due Diligence and Art
    ·       Topic:  The weaponization of healthcare:  How healthcare was taken over by the military, pharmaceutical industry and government cartel.
  • Katherine Watt, political and social commentator, paralegal, author of the Substack Bailiwick News
    ·       Topic:  Plandemics and the Manipulation of Language:  Translating the Lies into Truth
  • Dr. Steven Hatfill, M.D., M.Sc., M.Sc., M.Med., Former Senior Medical Advisor to the Executive Office of the President; Member Team B III; author, “Three Seconds to Midnight,” co-author of “The CCP is at War with America”
    ·       Topic:  An alternative approach to the WHO – Pandemic response should be localized, not globalized.




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Gates Foundation Donations to WHO Nearly Match Those From U.S. Government

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Dede Laugesen: Hi everyone. Thanks for joining us today. I’m Dede Laugesen, coordinator and producer for the Stop VAX Passports Task Force. Today’s webinar is part of our ongoing webinar series focused on topics of concern regarding Communist Chinese pandemic response policies, including mandates for vaccines and centralized compliance tracking digital technologies, which are, we believe, a gateway to tyrannical social credit scores, surveillance and mass population control. A video of this webinar will post to stop VAX passports.org. That’s stop VAX passports.org within a day or two of the end of our program. Our other webinars can be found there too. Please share these with your elected officials, friends, colleagues and other networks. Our co-host and moderator today is Reggie Littlejohn. Reggie is the founder and president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, co-chair of the Stop VAX Passports Task Force. A graduate of Yale Law School, she is an expert on coercive population control and human rights in China and has testified nine times at the United States Congress. She equally focuses her efforts on stopping Chinese style tyranny from spreading to the United States and worldwide through a totalitarian biotech surveillance state. She will be talking about digital IDs and the central bank digital currencies. Will the infrastructure laid in this COVID 19 pandemic trap us in the next one?

Reggie Littlejohn: Hello and welcome. This is going to be a very sort of, gosh, a heavy webinar in a way, but very hard hitting, very thought provoking topic being pandemics. What are they planning for your next health emergency? And this is something that I think a lot of us has struggled with. The idea of was the COVID 19 pandemic something that was just sort of accidental? Was it bungled or was there something more behind it? And we got to keep an open mind because more evidence is coming out that maybe there was more behind it. President Joe Biden just signed a bill saying that the COVID 19 national emergency is over and people are kind of looking forward to summer thinking that they can just sort of go out and play and that everything is over. But is the infrastructure that was laid during COVID 19 going to set a trap for us in the next pandemic, which has been promised to us by many people, including Bill Gates and and Dr. Fauci. So just for some perspective, there was an event called Event 201 that took place in October of 2019. You can find it easily on the Internet, and it simulated a coronavirus outbreak and conducted a tabletop exercise about how to handle it, including how to shut down misinformation and disinformation. And just a few months later, lo and behold, there was a coronavirus outbreak. All right. There was a number of people there. Bill Gates was there then representatives from Johns Hopkins, the Center for Disease Control, and there was a representative from the Chinese government.

Reggie Littlejohn: So then now several years later, in October of 2022, just a few months ago, there was a similar tabletop exercise with a similar cast of characters, not exactly the same, but similar. And it was called Catastrophic Contagion. So that was another pandemic tabletop exercise. And it was a fictional disease that were were it had a higher fatality rate than COVID 19, and it disproportionately affected children and young people. So the participants were challenged to figure out what to do in this in this case. And the question becomes, you know, is this an excuse? There’s a higher fatality rate. It affects disproportionately children and young people. Um, you know, is this going to become a model for lockdowns, quarantines, vaccines, even forced vaccinations? So. What was the infrastructure that was laid during COVID 19? What happens is. The China model was was followed where they have, you know, these vaccine passports that gave rise to this, the social credit system. I will talk about that in a minute. But during COVID 19, various states said that they were going to have vaccine passports partially due to the work of the Vaccine Passports Task Force. This organization that nomenclature that name, vaccine, passport became toxic or radioactive. But then it didn’t stop the rollout because they just changed the name.

Reggie Littlejohn: Okay. They would call it an Excelsior Pass. They would call it a smart health ID And also want to say this. Any digital any mandatory digital ID, including a mandatory digital driver’s license, can host the platform for the China social credit system. And these things are continuing to be rolled out. So the World Health Organization, they’re not trumpeting this, but they have hired Deutsche Telekom to create a worldwide interoperable health ID. And I’ll tell you something that’s really concerning to me is that there’s this a new bill in the Senate. This is from the Epoch Times article. Us Digital ID System proceeds to the Senate for debate. So the name of this bill is called Improving Digital Identity Act of 2023. They always give it a nice name. We just want to improve digital identity and the excuses they give for this is it doesn’t have anything to do with with driver’s licenses. It doesn’t have anything to do with, um, you know, with, with vaccines. What they’re saying is we want to cut down on identity theft and identity fraud. It does not matter what the excuse is or what the pretext, any kind of digital identity, mandatory digital identity can be used to support the Chinese social credit system. So I’m going to call this the Digital Gulag Bill, and we need to oppose it. Probably do a whole webinar just on that.

Reggie Littlejohn: But this is being put out by Senator Krysten Sinema of Arizona and Republican Cynthia Lummis of of Wyoming. Uh, we need to oppose this bill because it’s the same thing as a vaccine passport. So people think, oh, you know, COVID is over, vaccine passports are over. Well, that bill and especially if you combine it with the World Health Organization’s interoperable vaccine or digital health IDs, can give rise to the China social credit system. And I got to just give a synopsis of the China social credit system. So in China, they they they they they combine they amalgamate every part of a person their digital identity. And it’s all centered in a centralized database which can be accessed on their phone. So what that means is it’s your real time geolocation so they know where you are. Facial recognition, they can they know who you are. Um, then they have they combine your social media posts, your internet search history, your internet spending history, your medical history, your criminal history, where you live, where you work, and your bank account and your credit card. So that if you are a completely compliant person who makes no waves and always agrees with the government, um, then you can have a high score and live what looks like a normal life. But if you start criticizing the government or just being a dissident, then your credit score goes down.

Reggie Littlejohn: And so then they can do things like you lose your job, you will not be able to borrow money to buy a home or to start a business. Your kid will not be able to go to a good school. You will not be able to travel. If you keep it up, they’ll cut you off from your credit card and your bank account. And if you keep it up, even after that, they’ll just disappear. You people say, Well, what’s the enforcement mechanism? For example, for the World Health Organization Digital Gulag, which will also get into it’s the connection with your credit card and your bank account. So the point is that in the last pandemic with COVID 19, they managed to frighten us enough that people were willing to accept the need for a vaccine passport. And they’re continuing to roll it out, even though they’re not telling us it’s very quiet. So that’s that’s part of it. The second really important part of it is the central bank digital currencies. These are not directly related to, you know, the health situation, but it’s a it’s a parallel track. See the vaccine passport and the central bank digital currency as being two sides of a trap that will snap shut. So the central bank digital currency is the opposite of Bitcoin because Bitcoin is decentralized. Central bank digital currency is centralized, it is centralized under the Federal Reserve.

Reggie Littlejohn: And the United States is not the only country that is developing this. It’s actually been rolled out in a number of countries all over the world, and it’s being pushed by many, many countries. So it’s being pushed also by, um, okay. Well, number one is backed by the Chinese Communist Party. And the Chinese Communist Party is running a lot of this. All right. But also the World Economic Forum, the World Bank, the G20 and other supranational globalist organizations are pushing these central bank digital currencies. What it would mean in the United States is that the currency would be centralized in the Federal Reserve, which means that the US government will be able to. It’s the end of any financial privacy. The US government will be able to see every transaction that you make. Okay. And not only that, they will be able to control it because these central bank digital currencies are programmable, meaning that if you are saying misinformation or disinformation, for example, concerning the next pandemic, if you disagree with the way that the government is handling it, they could do something to you like saying or let’s say that they’re rolling out some kind of a novel vaccine, you know, so-called vaccine, and you don’t want to take it. They could say to you, guess what? You get yourself vaccinated and then we will restore your credit, your central bank, digital currency.

Reggie Littlejohn: But until you do, you’re not going to be able to buy or sell anything. So these things are being rolled out. There’s something called Fed now that’s going to be rolled out in the United States in July. There’s very little fanfare, but it’s basically a precursor to a central bank digital currency. Are these pandemics planned? We would hate to think so, but who would benefit from a pandemic or a pandemic? Well, obviously, Big pharma would benefit, Right. And everybody who’s in bed with them, such as the W.H.O. and the and the CDC and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and and many major players. But then on top of that, on a higher level than that, these pandemics are the mechanism by which people can be frightened because people studies have shown that people will do almost anything if they’re afraid for their lives or their health. It’s a way to frighten people into accepting these digital IDs, which can be combined with a central bank digital currency to completely enslave humanity. So if you’re into totalitarianism like the Chinese Communist Party is, and like I believe, you know, the World Economic Forum is and I believe that, you know, the United Nations is is a globalist organization that is basically using the World Health Organization as its arm to impose totalitarian rule, Chinese style, totalitarian rule.

Reggie Littlejohn: These are the people who would stand to gain. So there’s a saying that I like, it’s never ascribe to malice Anything that can be explained by stupidity. Can the bungling of the COVID 19 be explained by stupidity, or was there a pre-planning and an intelligence behind it? Was the trap set in last pandemic? Will it snap shut in the next one? So that’s the question that we’re handling here.

Reggie Littlejohn: And our next panelist is somebody I admire greatly, Sasha Latypov. She’ll be joining us by video, but she’s an ex pharma biotech with 25 years of experience in clinical trials, clinical technologies and regulatory approvals. So she has owned and managed several contract research organizations and has worked for more than 60 pharmaceutical companies worldwide. She has interacted with the FDA as a part of Scientific the Scientific Industry Consortium on improving cardiac safety assessments in clinical trials, and her substack is called due diligence, due diligence and Art. And by the way, she’s a tremendous artist like. Like she’s sort of in the same vein as Rembrandt. She’s amazing. So I would encourage you to get on her substack But she’s going to be talking about the weaponization of health care, how health care was taken over by the military, pharmaceutical industry and government cartel. So hang on to your seats because it’s going to be a rough ride. Let’s go now to Sasha’s video.

Sasha Latypova: Hello, everyone. Thank you for inviting me to this panel. Today I’m going to discuss just a portion of a presentation I recently did in the conference in Norway, and this section of the presentation is going to talk about weaponization of health care. So part of the way the these pandemics are implemented is through weaponizing the health care. And there are many aspects to this. Obviously, propaganda and fear mongering and collusion with mass media play a huge role. But let’s focus on the legal structure and how how the health care was taken over by the military and pharma and government cartel. Let’s look at the historical reference that I have for specifically the mRNA injections and were have been in development for a long time since the 90s. And at that time they were designated in the class of pharmaceutical products called gene therapies. At the same time, according to the US Air Force report that I have. But this is also mentioned in a variety of military reports and in even a textbook that NIH published about bio weapons technologies. So the same information is mentioned there as well, that since about late 1990s, the gene therapies were designated as a class of weaponizable technology. So there are six different categories of bio weapons were identified at that time. And as you can see, they include binary biological weapons, designer genes, stealth viruses, things of that nature. And gene therapy as a weapon was mentioned. And according to these military reports, it was very well known that, for example, while you can say, oh, we can correct genetic abnormalities and cure all sorts of diseases with this wonderful technology, at the same time, what what is called, you know, you could you could subvert this technology by introducing other genetic codes that are very difficult to identify and very difficult to also identify in real time.

Sasha Latypova: So this is something that could be hidden very easily. And by the way, that promise of curing diseases, curing cancer and fixing genes has never materialized either. So the only, you know, actual viable use we can see here is by using these technologies in their weapons application. And so keeping that in mind, I’m also going to show you a historical legal structure that was put in place over a long period of time demonstrating pre-planning. I’m using material from Katherine Watt, who writes on Substack as Bailiwick News. And she she is a wonderful resource on this matter. So I’m going to show the legal structure that was put in place in order to weaponize health care. The first piece here is emergency use authorization, which is somewhat familiar to people. This law was introduced in 1997, and initially, as all these things go, was very limited and had strict criteria such as, for example, absence of any alternative treatments and the disease being severe. And of course nothing emergency use authorized could be ever mandated. Now the second piece that is utilized here is less familiar to people.

Sasha Latypova: It’s called other transaction authority. It’s a way for US government and specifically Department of Defense to contract with otherwise regulated private companies bypassing all those regulations. So, for example, pharmaceutical companies are heavily regulated by the FDA. Now, through this this contracting method, the DOD could order products without following any pharmaceutical regulations, which is extremely, extremely concerning. And in fact, other transaction authorities, inappropriate contracting method for buying mass medical products in huge quantities, especially for civilian use. Yet it’s being utilized here exclusively or almost exclusively, I would say. And the final piece of the puzzle, legal puzzle is both of these emergency use and other transaction authority are being utilized under public health emergency, which was declared by Trump in 2020. And it’s continued by Biden administration to date. And by the way, that news that the the the national emergency is no longer in force. That doesn’t affect it because we’re talking about a different set of laws governing public health emergency. So when three of the all three of these are in place, then this whole system kind of kicks into high gear. And now, you know, they can they can essentially do whatever they like with the health care and the use of these weaponizable technologies on civilians and and forcing them as well. So what happens under this scenario, public health emergency, emergency use authorization and this Weaponizable tech ordered through OTA, the the Department of Defense is buying military prototype countermeasures.

Sasha Latypova: So instead of this being pharmaceutical products, now legally they’re designated into this class of countermeasures. And countermeasures is a very fuzzy term. You know, I cannot define exactly what it is because anything can be a countermeasure. For example, a lock on the door is a countermeasure against breaking in. So it’s extremely, extremely poorly defined term. And that’s done for a reason because, you know, the Department of Defense loves buying secret things for huge amounts of money, and especially they love buying weapons. So here’s the again, we’re talking about other transaction authority, which is the contracting mechanism that they use. And essentially this is a way for them to legalize otherwise prohibited biological and chemical weapons. And by calling them countermeasures, by simply renaming them into countermeasures, prototypes and things of that nature, they can now freely order them from pharmaceutical companies. And here is kind of a specific language that is used here. And as you can see, it’s it says nothing. It’s very fuzzy. It says, you know, the Department of Defense can carry out prototype projects that are directly relevant to enhancing mission effectiveness of military personnel and so on and so forth. So it basically says through this other transaction authority, the Department of Defense can order things that they want from pharmaceutical companies, and no regulations apply because this is other transaction authority. And here you can very easily hide weapons in this language. And so essentially by renaming them, simply renaming them into these countermeasures things and prototype things, Department of Defense can buy whatever they like, including prohibited weapons of mass destruction.

Sasha Latypova: The further when public health emergency is announced and these countermeasures are ordered as emergency use, authorized prototypes and things, then the FDA regulations also no longer apply to them. And that’s that. It says So here in this piece of law that’s being heavily utilized and cited by the FDA, by the DOD, by the GAO reports everywhere, this this piece of law is everywhere. And they cite it everywhere specifically so that they protect themselves from any liability because they’re lying to the public Exactly. About this issue. So they’re telling the public that we are rigorously reviewing and approving pharmaceutical products, vaccines, and that follow all very rigorous FDA laws and regulations. And that’s that is a lie. They’re not legally pharmaceutical products. They’re not legally vaccines. They’re not legally anything. And actually, FDA laws don’t apply to them at all. So because it says here that under public health, emergency use of EUA covered medical countermeasures shall not be considered to constitute a clinical investigation, if it’s not a clinical investigation, then you cannot have a clinical trial. You cannot have clinical trial subjects. You cannot have investigators. No informed consent rules apply. No, no Safety and efficacy criteria apply. None of this applies. So that’s the fundamentally the most important lie that the government keeps telling to the public. So there is there’s no criteria, no data needed.

Sasha Latypova: And by the way, there’s no judicial review of any of this. The only way these products get deployed onto the public is by a say so of HHS secretary who are under Trump was Alex Azar, and currently it is Javier Becerra. The only way, the only way these products go on the market is when this person himself decides that the the available data if available so it doesn’t have to be available, justifies that and the potential. So the current risk benefit profile is good and the potential for risk benefit profile is also good. And so and they never have to review that decision. They never have to base it on any criteria. It literally is just up to their. Say. So their their decision, their judgment and so that we still have in place. So that has not been revoked. We still have this situation where the HHS secretary is the sole authorized person to deploy these things onto every man, woman and child in this country. And all other regulators in the world follow the same framework. Now, as far as how these products were ordered through the Operation Warp Speed and the Operation Warp Speed has been renamed into something else and now it’s renamed into Next-Gen Project by Biden administration, but it remains essentially the same structure. So this was their own presentation document from 2020 where they discussing their organizational structure. And it’s it’s a it’s an organizational chart, but it’s turned on the side.

Sasha Latypova: So the top is is at the right hand side. And we can see that at the top of this organization is the Department of Defense. So we’re talking about the weaponization, militarization of health care. Here’s how it’s done. So Department of Defense is in charge. The HHS is only advisory role. And then there is a whole layer of government at the executive level of the structure that decides everything. So they design the studies, they procure the the suppliers, the supply chain, manufacturing data security, legislative affairs, legal affairs, which is the Department of Justice, the defense. So this is the machinery of the government and the farmers are only a third level down and the Defense Production Act is is utilized to to procure these things. So we have the government organized for war commandeering pharmaceutical base, giving them money through the Defense Production Act, directing them to produce weapons. And then HHS secretary single handedly deploying them onto the public. So that’s how the weaponization of health care is is being done. Now, as far as the details of who manufactures these injections, really well, clearly, this is this is the machinery of the Department of Defense using their established base of pharmaceutical manufacturers. And so, by the way, the huge amounts of money are flowing through this, through BARDA, which is another militarized arm of of HHS. And they’re giving tremendous amount of money to pharmaceutical companies. Money is also used to control everyone and keep everyone in line and following orders.

Sasha Latypova: And as you can see, they’ve given pharmaceutical companies about $50 billion. And that this is dated slide is from a year ago and now it’s much more money. And that’s about 50% of all R&D spend of pharmaceutical companies in the United States per year. And recently Biden added another $5 Billion for this new version of Operation Warp Speed, which is Next Gen. So and they want to pump out more and more vaccines for unknown reasons. They want to put them in cattle. They want to put them in the food supply. And as far as the manufacturing base that I was talking about. So this is, again, from their own slide we have they’re clearly showing us that they have established defense contractors. That’s on the right hand side. These are they’re calling them vaccine supporting efforts, but they’re actually the manufacturing base that’s being utilized here. And this is only a small portion of them. There are hundreds of companies involved, and they want to put it in every state so that they that’s not the mechanism to control every state government because they put huge manufacturing facilities in their state and they capture the, you know, the manufacturing base in the state, the employment, the, you know, all sorts of things that go into that’s how they that’s how they invade and capture every state. And then they utilize these guys, the large pharma companies, Pfizer, Pfizer, Janssen, Moderna, to some extent.

Sasha Latypova: They kind of parade them as, oh, here, here are the brand names. So so that the public trust them and, you know, gets these injections and gets fooled into the situation that they think that this is a pharmaceutical product. They think that, you know, all the rules, FDA rules apply. But in fact, none of that applies. It’s a weapon being produced through Defense Department machinery and deployed through essentially a military set of laws. Um, so and another one is that they, they call all these contracts with Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, all the COVID countermeasures. Those those are contracted as demonstrations. And here we have on the right hand side, that’s where the manufacturing is happening. And in other you know, the finally what I want to show is these contracts with the Department of Defense have been foiled. Not all of them, but large ones that have been disclosed. There are about 400 of them. I’ve read in more detail. Pfizer and Moderna, this is some pages from Pfizer contract. As you can see, it’s with the Army contracting command. And the scope of the contract is large scale manufacturing demonstration. No pharmaceutical regulations apply. They mentioned them throughout the contract. But it’s it’s really a deception. There’s no enforceability of it. And in fact, that has been confirmed by recently. Brooke Jackson’s case under False Claims Act was dismissed by Judge Truncale in Texas. And so that’s been confirmed that, you know, Pfizer wasn’t required to follow any pharmaceutical regulations in this in this exercise.

Sasha Latypova: But what’s interesting in these contracts, in addition to everything else, is that you can see they’re heavily, heavily redacted. So when they are released, there are these black boxes covering up text. And in the black boxes, we see a code given for the reason for the redaction. And the most common redaction codes in these contracts are B six and B four, as you can see. So B six stands for disclosure of information that would cause serious harm to relations between the United States and the foreign government. So they’re telling us we’re in a national security situation, meaning we’re at war, and our relations with foreign governments can be hurt by disclosing the names of people who sign these contracts. And on this side, where they give where they cover up technical information, they’re saying disclosure of information that would affect the application of advanced technology in the US weapons system. So they’re buying weapons through these contracts with advanced technologies, and they’re covering up that information under the national security agenda and under militarized, militarized health care system. So this is just a confirmation for everyone. This is exactly what the government is doing, except they are lying to you and continue lying about the status of these products as pharmaceuticals. They’re not. They’re weapons. So this is all I wanted to cover today. And. Thank you very much for your attention and thank you for inviting me to this panel.

Reggie Littlejohn: Thank you so much to Sasha Latypov for that incredible presentation. And I just want to say how much I admire Sasha Latypov because of her number one brilliant analysis, but number two, incredible courage to come out and say the kinds of things that she’s saying. I mean, there was a lot in there, so much so that I think I’d like to get a transcript of that. But one key thing that she said was that the government is lying to us, that actually the Department of Defense is running this. And contractually the FDA does not. It’s all kind of a charade, This whole thing about FDA approval and clinical trials and everything else, that’s a very serious charge. But she seems to have documented it really well. So we need to really think about this and investigate it further. Our next panelist is Katherine Watt, and Katherine actually did some of the research behind Sasha’s presentation. Katherine is a political and social commentator. She is a paralegal and she’s the author of a Substack Bailiwick News, which is outstanding. I would, you know, recommend that to everybody to subscribe. And her topic is pandemics and the manipulation of language, translating the lies into truth. She will be joining us by video. So, Oleg, if you could bring up that video, that’d be great.

Katherine Watt: Hi, my name is Katherine Watt. I’m a writer and paralegal, and I have spent the last couple of years doing legal research and writing about COVID 19 law as it relates to geopolitics and some other things. And I was asked to do a presentation for this panel. The question posed to me was what infrastructure, including legal infrastructure, was laid during the COVID 19 pandemic that could be used to destroy our national sovereignty and personal medical freedom in the case of another pandemic? And I come at this from a slightly different point of view from some other writers and legal analysts, because my perspective is that the legal infrastructure was laid for several decades before the COVID 19 attacks, which I think of as attacks of governments against their people. Don’t think of it as a pandemic because that infrastructure was laid before the attacks started. In my view. National sovereignty and human moral and biological dignity and integrity. And those kinds of things have already been destroyed. That’s what’s happened over the last three years in response to the embedded triggers that were in the 2005 World Health Organization, international health regulations, and then the implementing nation state laws. So that’s just a slightly different perspective. I don’t think it’s something we’re trying to prevent from happening. I think it’s something that’s already happened and now we’re trying to protect the constitutional rubble that’s at the bottom and rebuild from it. The topic that I wanted to talk about is language and law and the ways in which the people who are orchestrating the attacks are using language and perverting and corrupting language to get away with what they’re doing.

Katherine Watt: And the take home message is, say two things don’t participate in lies by repeating them because lies are all over the place in this criminal enterprise. And if you repeat the lies, you are participating in the crime. Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s a lie and what’s true, and that takes a lot of work. But once you do know what’s a lie and what’s true, you can’t keep repeating the lies. Um, globalist enemies are using lies to make the war. And most of those lies have a two layer structure. And the reason for the two layer structure is to block human perception that what you’re being given or told is a lie. It’s very, very similar structurally to the mRNA. Cellular poisons, which are wrapped in the lipid nanoparticle poisons for the purpose of bypassing the human body’s immune system and chemical detox system. So what the language corruption is doing is. Rapping spiritually and intellectually poisonous, false statements in sort of veneer or shell structures that are true. And the ones that I look at most are three main document types laws and regulations, government announcements or declarations and financial contracts. And all of those things are happening within this false overarching context of the public health emergency. And again, the purpose is to confuse people and to bypass the human minds. Cognitive immune system, which most people think of as your bullshit detector.

Katherine Watt: If your bullshit detector has been disabled, you can’t tell that you’re being lied to and you cooperate with things you would not cooperate with otherwise. Basically, I think it’s resulted in an autoimmune attack of the body politic against itself because people are now confused about. People like general public people are confused about this and also legitimate rulers like legislators and judges who are not. Fully up to date on what’s happening are confused about what is the self, what is the individual body, what is a legitimate government and what is the enemy. And the enemy in this case is the infiltrators who have made a false front government that’s blocked. From its connection with the actual populations that they’re supposed to be protecting and serving. A shorthand for it is the Trojan horse model. I’m probably going to go way over time. The enemy’s goal. Is to destroy all human life support systems, every kind of religious, legal, political, like a nation state, every kind of financial or monetary system. Every kind of. Credible, properly ordered medical and scientific institution and all of the informational and educational systems. And to do that, this is where the two part another two part structure comes in. They need people to believe to. Contradictory things and to perceive those as being compatible. The first part is that they need us to think that the corrupted systems we see around us, the medical systems, the legal systems are still credible and functional because if we think that.

Katherine Watt: We will be cooperative. And compliant with the things that they say. And the second thing they need us to perceive is that those corrupted systems are actually corrupted by anything other than them. Because they want to present themselves as being the agents who can fix it, fix this broken thing. And if we think of these structures as being corrupted but also reformable and as not being corrupted by the people who are actually doing it, then we will block our own self-protective instincts for our bodies over these injections and also for the governments that we would otherwise be loyal to. And the key example of that sequence is the 2005 World Health Organization international health regulations, which were put in place and then implemented at the nation state level. Then we got the COVID 19 attacks of 2022, 2023, which are still ongoing. And now they are working very hard on the more international health regulation amendments and a new global what they call pandemic treaty. And for more information about that, I’d definitely recommend that people read James ROGOWSKI’S Substack The good part of this is that because it’s a two layered, they need us to believe it’s credible. They also need us to distrust and hate our own governments so that they can do this deeper infiltration overthrow. Their project is vulnerable in proportion to the ability people have to understand what’s happening and allocate credibility like your own credulity, your own belief.

Katherine Watt: Accordingly, if you know that you’re being attacked. You will not cooperate with the person or the people who are doing that. And if you don’t know that you’re being attacked, then you won’t resist or fight back. And that’s why getting the information out and having people talk about things in accurate ways is very, very important. Everything they say is either a straight lie or a small piece of truth wrapped in a bigger lie or a small lie wrapped in a bigger truth outside of it. And so. My recommendation and hope is that people will get better at listening to speakers and reading writers, including both people who say they represent the government and also people who claim that they’re only talking on their own behalf. And see how close they get to. Acknowledging the truth that infiltrators are using the US military and other military and government institutions around the world to sicken and kill human beings by instilling fear, by telling lies and by injecting poisons. And the closer anybody gets to saying those things in the context of whatever else they want to say, the more truthful they’re being and the more distance any speaker puts between him or herself and that truth, the more deceptive they’re being, whether they know that they’re being deceptive and are doing it intentionally, or they’re just being deceptive because they haven’t managed to understand what’s happening yet. I’m going to go through some examples.

Katherine Watt: Very recent current examples were now in April 2023. At the end of March, a federal judge dismissed Burke Jackson’s whistleblower case. And that. Order that he gave is the most recent version of the judicial part of the lie. System. It’s a basically it’s a complicated, really long winded denial that judges. Federal judges in the United States have any constitutional, co-equal power over any other branch to protect constitutional or civil rights. Um, then we have also in March, the Health and Human Services Secretary transferred the public health emergency declaration from the previous version, which is that there is a public health emergency to a new version that says there is a significant potential for a public health emergency. The potential is derived from them talking about all these new variants and how those do or don’t line up with the the mRNA LNP formulations at any given time. But both of those declarations have the same constitution suspending legal effects, and that second one is in force right now, even while they’re talking about lying, about saying that the emergency is over and that. Yeah. Two more examples. One is the FDA in April, just a couple of weeks ago, withdrew the emergency use authorization from the Monovalent formulation and maintained it for the Bivalent formulation and maintained the liability exemptions while the CDC started ramping up more fear of the Kraken and Arcturus strains. That is an example of one that’s partially true and partially false because there is no biologically significant distinction between any mRNA LNP compound other than the variable concentrations and potency that Sasha Latypov talks about and other commentators talk about.

Katherine Watt: The intent of doing that is to throw opponents off balance while maintaining the legal impunity for mass murder. And. I will wrap up by saying another example is that all the way through from the spring of 2021 until now, there have been calls by people like Steve Kirsch and others for the FDA to withdraw unsafe, ineffective products from the market. And that is a false characterization of what’s going on, because first of all, the products are not pharmaceutical products, they’re weapons. But there also is no market for intentionally poisonous chemical and biological weapons. The FDA doesn’t function in this context as a drug regulator. They have no legal role in weapons control, and there are no consumers in this context. Everybody who’s been hit with these things is a target. It’s a is a military target. The COVID 19 attacks have created a warzone, not a market for a new class of medicinal drugs. And that’s just one example of the way in which it’s important to listen to what everybody is saying and parse it and understand how lies and truth are being blended and presented to elicit behaviors. And if you understand that’s happening, you can. Respond with different behaviors that are mostly not complying and not lying with the people who are trying to lie to you.

Reggie Littlejohn: That was a very hard hitting presentation. One thing to take away from that is just the idea. Don’t repeat the lies. Don’t repeat the lie. For people who want a really in-depth and outstanding analysis of the International Health Regulation amendments from the World Health Organization and the pandemic treaty, I would point you towards Dr. David Bell at the Brownstone Institute, and I will put that link down there because he does a really excellent job of just laying it all out. He actually was in the within the W.H.O. for like 20 years. So he’s he really knows what he’s talking about. So our last panelist is Dr. Steven Hatfill, MD. And then he has so many different degrees after his name that I don’t even I’ve never seen some of these before, like MSCI Master of Science. I don’t know. Um, maybe you can tell us, Dr. Hatfill, what all of your your credentials are. But he’s a former senior medical advisor to the executive Office of the President, a member of the team B3, author of author of Three Seconds to Midnight, co-author of the CCP is At War with America. And he’s going to be talking about things from from a medical perspective. What we’ve been hearing now is more of a legal perspective or actually, in the case of Catherine, almost a metaphysical perspective or a linguistic perspective. But Doctor Hatfield is going to be talking about an alternative approach to the W.H.O.. That pandemic response should be localized and not globalized. Thank you so much for being with us, Dr. Hatfill.

Dr. Steve Hatfill: It’s a pleasure. Nice to meet you. The W.H.O. is an interesting organization. It’s been around quite a while. It’s really not part of the United Nations. It’s an associate of the United Nations. Well, by itself, it has no regulatory demand capability. It’s medical bureaucrats, the current leader. A director of the W.H.O. who isn’t even a physician. He has a degree in sort of a. For social type of medicine, but not in the hard sciences. Its original goal was basically for what they call third world countries, underdeveloped countries. And originally it did a great deal of good work. Um, with regards to maternal health, well-baby clinics. Really a little bit of refugee work. The HIV aids pandemic. And the 1980s in Africa. It did a lot of useful work there. And today it’s not really funded itself or by the United Nations, but it relies on. Signatory states. To supply funding. The US has been a big supplier. China. Europe. So by and large they have these regional offices. And they coordinate sort of more like rural health care projects. In various countries. Back in the 70 seconds. Some strange things started happening, particularly in Africa, where we started seeing outbreaks of. Um. Viral diseases that were previously unknown to science. These were few and far between. The old problems in Africa remain malaria, parasitic diseases. But these new viruses were different. They had an unusual lethality. We’re thinking of the Ebola virus when it broke out in 75. They called it green monkey fever. The Marburg virus, which actually broke out earlier in a vaccine manufacturing facility in Yugoslavia and Germany. And then over the years, we’ve started to see more and more of these events. Until it’s almost every five years we see another new pathogen that’s causing problems. And it’s here where the W.H.O. seemed to falter. In 2003, we had the original SARS one virus. It broke out in China and in violation of what are called the International Health regulations, the early ones. China was required within 24 hours if they thought they had a pathogen, a viral disease, an outbreak with pandemic potential, they were required to inform the WHO within 24 hours.

Dr. Steve Hatfill: Again, those have not been very responsive for pandemics. It doesn’t maintain a verification team. It really can’t organize a response by itself. It seeks it from its signatory countries. Um. The SARS one. The Chinese delayed reporting this until it had gone pandemic. Fortunately, the virus, it had jumped from horseshoe bats into civet cats and from there into man at these wet markets. It hadn’t really fully adapted to man, but it did cause quite a quite a lethal respiratory disease. There are other types of outbreaks in the meantime. Small, Nothing really extravagant until 2009. And in 2009, a very, very unusual strain of influenza Group A. Broke out in Mexico. The CDC were completely unaware of this. And an independent data mining company that had been started called Veritech had been started with venture capitalist funds, and by then the Internet had reached the stage where. About 70% or greater of these new emerging disease outbreaks they found were actually detectable in the mass media. If you could data mine it. So they set up quite an organisation. It was about 70 people. They had two offices, one on the East coast, one on the West Coast, so they could do 24 hour coverage.

Dr. Steve Hatfill: And for 24 over seven, 365. The computers and their algorithms and their filters. Scanned the global media looking for signs of an outbreak of disease. They had an earlier version of this had been developed by Canada. And it had been able to pick up the fact that something unusual was happening in China in 2003. The computers are triggered on a quarterly report from one of the pharmaceutical companies that extremely large amounts of an antiviral drug were being produced. So there was an indication something was happening. These things are that sensitive. Anyway, they picked up a protest by women who had lost some children at a small town that just happened to be near one of the largest pork processing pig farms. In that part of the world. It’s over a million. Animals and a virus, an influenza virus recombined and jumped species. And it was an H1N1 strain. Reminisce. This is what’s left over from the 1918. Outbreak of influenza, which actually turned out to be the third most deadly pandemic in history. And killed anywhere from 50 to arguably even 100 million people. Over a period of two years. Um. This gave a lot of promise for this type of technology. And a lot of companies in their new ears that were rewritten in 2005 to specifically because of China’s actions in SARS one signed on to this system.

And the W.H.O. uses it. But technologies have improved. And ideally. There’s too many metal people in between having an alert of this type. And being able to verify it with the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. The CDC didn’t even know what was going on in Mexico. Their own independent laboratories, their laboratory domestic surveillance system had triggered the two cases out in California from one of the military labs. They were unaware for days that it was actually originated in Mexico. These type of time lags with air travel being so prevalent. And I’ve actually I’ve been in these wet markets in Asia and Malaysia. And literally 24 hours later, I was in downtown Washington, D.C., still well within the incubation period for any strange type of infection. And this is this is the facts of the world now. You can be completely around the planet and home in a day and you don’t know what you’re bringing with you. And consequently, we started to see more and more of these outbreaks. Things we’ve we’ve really never seen before. And it was to the point where we thought we were probably imagining this or just getting better at detecting it. Until three very large reviews involving a good number of scientists were able to graph all this and show that, no, this concept we’re talking about of emerging infectious diseases is headed for an exponential increase. To the point where. 10 to 40. That currently unknown viruses. Are projected to enter the human population over the next 20 years. And we’re not ready for something like this. Simply just not ready. The 2014 West African Ebola outbreak. Was it literally a complete shamble by the W.H.O.? Oh, it was more of a hindrance than any help.

Dr. Steve Hatfill: You you go onto their website and they’re talking about. The wonderful educational work they’re doing in Kenya on hemorrhagic fevers. I was over there at the time. They had had a. West African air traveler. Arrive at Joseph Kenyatta International Airport. And he was almost. He fell. He fell out and was bleeding out. And sort of the doctors ran away. So I’d gone over there to a trained response team.

Dr. Steve Hatfill: The W.H.O. Were trying what they were training in Kenya were their own regional office people. In the West African area. Nobody wanted to do a boots on the ground, go to the site to the epicenter of and in Guinea where this was initially going on and have a look. What’s the actual situation? The government was saying it was under control. Medicine. Sulphur. Water.

Dr. Steve Hatfill: Doctors Without Borders were giving a much different story and there was no declaration of pandemic potential or anything like that. And cases did spread around the world technically. Pandemic. They’ve changed the definition of it since then. But it’s the old style pandemic. We had 11 cases on US soil in the United States. Spain. England. The majority were in. Africa like a couple of cases, got as high as almost into northern Africa. But. When this was realized, there were days the past, before this thing was declared a pandemic. It was the same. With a couple other outbreaks and then now with COVID 19, there were indications that this thing actually started probably around September in 2019. And the viruses that. They claim to have been recovered out of the wet market in Wuhan. Aren’t the viruses from the earlier samples that were collected from patients? It’s a this thing had been circulating for a while before. The so-called outbreak at the Wuhan wet market. Impossible to get a verification team in there. The vertex system disappeared in 2008 due to the economic sequestration’s.

Speaker7: But, the United States should have learned some very valuable things out of the last 20 years. And that. We have to trust ourselves. You can’t depend on anyone else.

Dr. Steve Hatfill: The CDC is very, very good. At domestic surveillance. They have a huge laboratory network. If anything odd comes out. Headquarters are informed. They do a fairly good job with influenza screening in this country. They do have some foreign labs that take samples. Again, chiefly for influenza. And send samples back so we can see the progression and try to guess what the next vaccine is going to to be. And currently takes about six months to raise an influenza vaccine. So you’re always trying to guess what the dominant strain is going to be. And that’s about 40, 60. They get it right. Still being able to verify that an outbreak somewhere in the world is occurring is not enough. Veritech was following this thing in Mexico, but they didn’t. It was a private company. They didn’t have the authority to call a pandemic emergency. They phoned the CDC. The CDC didn’t want to hear it and literally days were lost. In a time where.

Speaker7: In fact, our first Ebola case that was actually a civilian and not part of the the response over in West Africa. But Thomas Duncan, coming over to the United States, he was helping a lady in the street that was hemorrhaging. And got cleaned up and went to the airport while he was in the incubation period. And developed Ebola virus in the United States. So these things are going to become more and more common over the next 20 years. We have a problem with an avian flu at the moment. A few weeks ago, it had managed to it was down in Peru and managed to kill about 600 sea lions. Well, this is very worrying. For most of the about 65% of these outbreaks are animal diseases that have jumped into man. And there’s reasons for that. It’s we passed some sort of a population threshold around 1995 with respect to humans encroaching on what used to be virgin jungles and dark forests. And it’s happening with repeated short time lines. So we’re going to see more of this. We’re worried about bird flu at the moment. Oregon just found a mountain lion dead and it had died from bird flu. I think they found remains of a goose or something or other. The fact is we’re certainly not ready. So what I foresee is an independent data mining thing for the United States. That runs one of these. Large data mining centers and has the necessary expertise and skilled doctors and technology to actually go and put boots on the ground in one of these sites. This includes a military team. Some of these areas are war zones. There seems to be there’s rumors of something going on in the Ukraine now. There’s a lot of sick people in this gap area. Now would be the time where one of these teams should be over there. And we have diagnostics now that are almost unbelievable suitcase sized devices that can screen for 15,000 different genetic sequences. So we can at least identify what viruses beyond. This is what I foresee. Well, we have to get ourself sufficient on this.

Reggie Littlejohn: Well, Dr. Hatfield, thank you so very much for all of your great information. I wanted to ask you a question. What alternatives do you see to this top down approach to health care? You had mentioned before that you think that we should have a more localized approach. What would be the advantages of that and how would it work?

Dr. Steve Hatfill: We’re talking, first of all, the surveillance and the quick verification that something is happening in the world. That’s top down. Because you need the technology, you need the military aircraft to fly you into these areas. If it’s a war zone, which a lot of these are, you need to send special operators and that are trained to take samples from the patients and this type of thing. But the actual defense against a pandemic or a biological attack is that the local authority level. And this was all well rehearsed in several top off exercises in 2000, 2001. And it originated from a document called the BW IRP, The Biological Weapon Improved Response Plan. And it was adapted parts of it for a pandemic response, a local pandemic response. In fact, the response is so specific that it’s. It can be handled. It’s a medical surge capability. There’s five steps to it. You have to increase the number of your doctors. You have to increase at least the number of you know, a hospital is a lot of things. There’s it makes meals, there’s laundry, there’s sterilization, there’s bedding. And it turns out that these are really the workers you need. They need to be able to operate in an area that’s biologically contaminated with sick people. So there’s some programs underway for things have been ignored. For some reason, with all this top down planning that need to be addressed. We have 20,000 already approved drugs, marketable drugs in our armory, and we’re learning now that a lot of these have dual purpose and some of them hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, sperone, lactone we found actually stops replication of the cytomegalovirus. We need to start a program, national program for screening. Where are the antiviral drugs in all these 20,000 compounds and start building up our antiviral armamentarium because the management of a pandemic isn’t through vaccination. In fact, we only have a handful of agents that we can make vaccines for, for various reasons. Most of these things are RNA viruses. They mutate so fast. By the time your vaccine program is underway, the things mutated into another form. The vaccine isn’t doing much good, and this is what we’ve seen.

Reggie Littlejohn: Thank you so very much, Dr. Hatfill. So we have heard some really hard hitting stuff. I don’t think it’s possible for me to encapsulate this easily. What we really need is a transcript of this presentation. But so Sasha Latypov was talking about how basically this whole vaccine, Operation Warp speed, et cetera was run through the Department of Defense and that. The FDA approval, etcetera, was more or less theater. Okay. Then Catherine Watt was talking basically what amounted to psyops through the manipulation of language to get us to accept this. Dr. Hatfill has said that the management of pandemics is not through vaccines. I just want to end by saying people have been asking about the funding of the W.H.O. and what they would stand to gain through a pandemic. Like why are they a key player? How could the W.H.O. profit from a pandemic? Well, number one, regarding the funding I posted in the chat and in the Q&A, a chart from 2018. It’s from the World Economic Forum about the 20 top funders of the W.H.O.. It might have changed slightly in the last few years, but basically the United States. But then the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a huge like almost as much as the United States. And then this GAVI, which is another Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation related entity. Okay? It’s also related to Bill and Melinda Gates. And according to Dr. David Bell, who is a world authority on this, the W.H.O. started out as being funded by individual countries to do things like, you know, deal with clean water and just very humble things to try to keep people healthy, especially in developing countries.

Reggie Littlejohn: And and now instead of being funded by different nations, it’s funded very heavily by special interests. And most of these special interests have to do with vaccines. And so that’s a conflict of interest that they’re funded by people who will profit from vaccines. And therefore, how can they not push vaccines when Dr. Hatfill says vaccines are not a way to handle a pandemic? This is one way that they would profit from a pandemic is that their sponsors will profit from a pandemic If you push vaccines as the answer to it, that’s number one. And then number two, the World Health Organization, I believe, is being used by the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, as a way of basically instituting totalitarian control to the world. If you look at the amendments that are being proposed, the pandemic treaty that are being proposed, it moves it from being a non binding organization that makes recommendations to a regulatory organization that will have the power to install an international surveillance state with the power of censorship. And we’ll be able to tell us how to run our health care, including even forced vaccination. They stand to gain. But then also the people who are above them, who I believe are using them, stand to gain. Anyway, this has been a very powerful webinar. We thank everybody for coming and please share this information far and wide. The world really needs to get out. So Dede, would you like to to close this out now?

Dede Laugesen: Thank you very much, Reggie and Dr. Hatfield, it’s always great to work with you and to have you explain these things to us. Such great detail on the diseases that are out there right now and that have come before. I really appreciate it. I’m so thankful to our audience for having joined us here today for this very important information that really is just not getting out to the public. We invite you to join us, the Stop VAX Passports Task Force in joining the Sovereignty Coalition, the Sovereignty Coalition has been stood up to defend America’s sovereignty and to focus on withdrawing from the WHO. We hope you’ll join us at Sovereignty coalition.org and sign the American Sovereignty Declaration and also at the same time, send a letter to your elected member of Congress telling them about the concerns that we have with the WHO. A video of this webinar will post to stop VAX passports.org within a day or two of the end of our program. Please share this program with your colleagues and other networks. I will have Oleg, our digital media director, post the transcript and also our chat links to the page as well. So check back for more information on this and other upcoming programs. And while you’re there, check out the Take Action tab for actions you can take at once to stop the worldwide advance of CCP like tyranny being imposed during so called public health emergencies. Thanks again for being here today and goodbye.


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