Vaccination Passport: First Step Toward A National Enemies Register

By Jay Valentine | | June 18, 2021

Current day Marxists, using the Saul Alinsky guidebook, understand opponents must be identified, frozen and vilified. The frozen and vilified part is pretty easy to accomplish. Identification at scale is a different matter.

Thus the push by American Leftists to label anyone who opposes them with the wildest brand: white supremacist, QAnon terrorist, born racist.

Labels only go so far. The real need is to collect the information centrally to act on it. The pinnacle of success is a collection point where labels can overlap and build up a profile of those who oppose the Left’s agenda. Once identified, a few are destroyed and the rest cowed into submission.

This is the world of the vaccination passport.

A vaccination passport begins on a seemingly innocent premise: show proof you won’t infect your elderly, unwell grandparent and the state, the university, the corporation will treat you differently. You can enter the dorm. You can go into the office. You can be seated in a public venue. You can attend the outdoor sports event.

Undermining liberty always starts with a rational choice to surrender freedom for greater units of safety.

A national vaccination database is one of those things that may sound good to those who fail to understand where it will evolve. A vaccination database begins with vaccination information. Yes or no. Vaccinated or not.

Unlike other databases, this one is mandatory. Of course it is. If you are not in it, you are automatically banned from the class, the sports event, the religious service. It’s like the income tax: it’s voluntary and if you do not pay it, you are arrested. If you are not in the vaccination database, you cannot participate in life. The choice is yours.

The government cannot force you into the vaccination database. To try would raise its visibility high enough to create plausible opposition.

A better way is to have government extensions implement it. First, colleges force students to be vaccinated or stay home. Some corporations mandate vaccinations. Other organizations follow.

Participation in a vaccination database pretty much creates a binary result: if you are not in it you are probably not vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated, you are not on the program.

Resistance to a national database wanes as more people submit to a college or company requirement. At some point, it just makes sense to have one passport, not different ones, for different venues. Of course it does. It’s for our convenience.

As the vaccination passport database becomes more centralized, it becomes enriched. Data enrichment is a very interesting concept and not well understood by those who have never been involved in profiling.

There may be 10,000 people with similar attributes. They live in the same few zip codes, have generally the same education, similar age ranges and tend to vote for a particular party.

A subset orders ammunition online. Another subset donates to evangelical causes. Another home schools. Overlapping occurs and a few hundred participate in two of the three.

These people have a high probability profile to be in the vanguard of any Leftist/government opposition. They become the target.

Americans have moved to an almost cashless society. Many, perhaps most, pay for most of their stuff with a credit card. That credit card leaves a bread crumb trail of their likes, dislikes, buying habits.

Who hasn’t been in the grocery store and bought one brand of dog food only to have the cashier hand out a coupon for a competing brand at the checkout? People, all buying habits, which are the choices each of us makes, are now in digital form – forever.

Citizens learned Bank of America already shared the credit card information for its users with the government. No subpoena. No privacy consideration. Just “…sure, here’s the hard drive.”

Enriching a passport database with volunteered information from life’s transactions is already happening. So how hard would it then be to score each profile?

If one belongs to an evangelical group that the Southern Poverty Law Center deems a hate group up your score goes. No appeals. If one buys .22 caliber ammo online, well, that’s OK. Buy .556 and up goes the score.

The vaccination passport becomes the foundation for a national citizen credit scoring system where your pals in some murky government agency can “score” you for action. At first that action is seemingly harmless. Perhaps you get a higher propensity for an audit. Maybe if you try to buy a gun, your FBI check is a bit deeper.

Your social media information is added.

The U.S. Postal Service is already collecting social media posts to root out white supremacy. So who decides if your public post is frustration at critical race theory being shoved down your kid’s throat or the seeds of insurrection?

The decider is likely the same sort who does “fact checking” for Facebook: some 28-year-old with a mediocre education who gets her news from an iPhone.

We live in a world of digital data. You cannot live off the grid. Your data is everywhere, and your data equals your choices, prejudices, thoughts, preferences.

If you want some nameless bureaucrat to be able to make decisions about how you will be treated, what you will be allowed to do, where you can go, then submit to these seemingly harmless databases.

If, however, you understand where this is going, you may want to step back.

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