Ann Vandersteel: How to Defend your God-given Rights and Constitutional Freedoms

Ann Vandersteel, co-chair of the Zelenko Freedom Foundation, has the honor of carrying forward the mission and legacy of world-renowned medical freedom fighter and humanitarian, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. The launch of The Zelenko Report is one initiative in fulfilling his legacy with a live weekday show. Staying focused on real world solutions to positively impact communities decimated by corrupt establishment policies, engaging in community development, incubating technologies that have been suppressed by the medical industrial complex.

Topic:  How to Defend your God-given Rights and Constitutional Freedoms in the Face of Medical Tyranny and the threat of “public/private partnerships.“

Ann Vandersteel’s presentation at a SVPTF webinar, Every Breath You Take: Big Brother’s Plan to Stalk You through the WHO, on Feb. 27, 2023


Ann Vandersteel: [00:00:00] You know, we have been in the battle of our lives for freedom since 1776, and we’ve just witnessed the face, the most incredible political crime in history, in addition to the ongoing crimes of crimes against humanity. These public private partnerships are simply nothing more than just true fascism. And did you know that at the founding of our republic, there were actually only four federal crimes treason, counterfeiting, piracy and crimes against the laws of nations. Now, they’re actually over 300,000 federal crimes, 300,000 [00:00:30] federal administrative regulations, many of which are punishable as crimes, and about 85,000 local governments with 513,000 elected officials, one in every 500 people. We now currently have an estimated 45 million laws on the books, all state, federal and local. So what we have coming with this international pandemic treaty, with the air regulations, a subversion of our body sovereignty, our true freedoms, what our founding fathers fought for is nothing short of blasphemy. [00:01:00] And our founding fathers were rolling in their graves right now. You know, God, the creator of the universe, actually gave us only ten laws from which we need to live our lives, the Ten Commandments. And I know sometimes for some, those are actually hard to actually imagine obeying or actually stay in line with. But imagine actually obeying 45 million laws. And then you layer on this international pandemic treaty, which takes everything that we know away and gives it to one man who is now essentially taking the place of God [00:01:30] and deciding for us what we need to do. It doesn’t work for Americans, and Americans are inherently free.

Ann Vandersteel: [00:01:36] Our DNA was here. We fought and died, and we still believe in freedom. You know, the rule of John Ashcroft has actually been replaced by the rule of law, where by federal officials on a whim, can now create new rules to bind in private, excuse me, bind and penalize private citizens. The W.H.O. will take it that much further. So they are going to be given if this actually goes [00:02:00] through the power to govern us based on health surveillance, what we’re living in a surveillance state. The Patriot Act is what burgeoned us into the surveillance state, the Telecommunications Act of 1996, as marked by the Ericsson report coming out now, is showing us that the surveillance state is now being pushed on over into public health emergencies, using public health as a weapon. Public health emergency of international concern is the new jargon, and Tedros will be the new dictator. And [00:02:30] the last 100 years, powerful corporate interests have actually deliberately subverted into the intent of our founding fathers by financing the appointment of judges who enhanced would actually enhance corporate and federal power, weakening our constitutional system of checks and balances. The assaults actually began in the late 1800s, believe it or not, when federal courts, led by the Supreme Court, started chipping away at state sovereignty. And now the WHO intends to grab it all. Just remember this America and the rest of the world, our [00:03:00] country is what’s standing between you and absolute tyranny. And of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, nine actually never lived to see freedom, find five were imprisoned and 17 lost everything they had.

Ann Vandersteel: [00:03:15] They pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor on the premise that all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with unalienable Rights, to be secured by a government that was actually subject to inferior into the consent, the consent of the government of [00:03:30] the governed. I have a question for everybody. Those men were great. That’s what made America great. Are you ready to stand with those men again? We need to brace for impact because this is how far back it goes. Title 50. Chapter 32. Section 1520 permits the government to experiment on us with biological and chemical agents. And thanks to the treacherous, treasonous Congress that we have, it’s now legal for the Department of Defense or their contractors to experiment with [00:04:00] biological and chemical agents on the American people. The actual only proviso that Congress imposes on them is that at least two unspecified local officials be notified within their subject community, like the garbage collector or the water meter reader. And once that major communication goes out, the test can begin within 30 days. Again, the W.H.O. won’t need to worry about any of that. They will have complete power and control. And I contend regarding the 10th Amendment, as Dr. Boyle explained, [00:04:30] that this is a violation of our 10th Amendment, our states rights, but also the 14th Amendment in 1868, which was unconstitutionally ratified, I might add, stating that all persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and citizens where in the state they reside, well, no state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges.

Ann Vandersteel: [00:05:00] Or [00:05:00] immunities of the citizens of the United States, nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law, nor deny any person within his jurisdiction the equal protection of laws. Again, all that flies right out the window. Why? Because without even the Senate convening the W.H.O. pandemic treaty, the International Health regulation amendments will throw all that right out and fly in the face of everything [00:05:30] our founding fathers fought and died for. And everything that we as Americans have stood for for the past 250 years. Has it all been a waste? Has it all been smoke and mirrors? We intend to expose all that. And it’s critical that you, the people, stand with all of us, that you understand what is at stake here. This is beyond 1775. It goes past 1776. This goes to the end. This is between you and your creator. Our creator, [00:06:00] our creator who gave us everything. God gave man dominion over the earth, the land, the air and the water. That is your law. That is your l. A w. Do you stand for law or do you stand with the tyrants? That is the question that is on the table right now. It is about freedom. God made man to be free, not just here in the great United States of America, but for all of God’s children. He made us all different on different [00:06:30] continents and different cultures. For a reason, he made us in his image.

Ann Vandersteel: [00:06:35] The W.H.O. wants to homogenize us, bring us all under their envelope. And God forbid you have a sniffle in Tanzania or a cough in New Zealand. Or runny nose in the United States. Tedros can decide whether or not they need to send in the troops. We cannot let this happen. We must stand. It is our godly duty. And with that, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to speak [00:07:00] to everybody here, because, again, Dr. Zelenko recognized that the serpent had many heads. He published a book recently, Post Mortem, I should say. It was almost complete, less the final chapter to which myself and several of his close confidants had the ability to be interviewed by the co author Brent Hammock. And the book is titled Dr. Zelenko Decapitating the Head of the Serpent. Well, I think it’s very clear right now who the head of the serpent is. It’s Tedros at the W.H.O.. [00:07:30] And as Dr. Zelenko so aptly referred to it, the World Homicide Organization, I think we can all agree what we’ve now witnessed in the past three years of the COVID 19 pandemic, the plandemic, the wake of the bodies. And as my colleagues today have said, they intend to do more damage. Dr. Yeadon is right. They did a sloppy job the first time. But mark my words and mark Dr. Hewson’s words. They won’t do a sloppy job the next time they’re going to continue to come beside for their actual [00:08:00] agenda, which is not only global genocide, but submission to the One World Order.


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