Trevor Loudon: China’s Outsize Influence at the WHO

Trevor Loudon, author and filmmaker, “The Enemies Within” and “The Enemies Within the Church”; contributor, Epoch Times.

Topic:  China’s Outsize Influence at the WHO; The WHO’s Pandemic Response and the China Model.

Trevor Loudon’s presentation at a SVPTF webinar, Every Breath You Take: Big Brother’s Plan to Stalk You through the WHO, on Feb. 27, 2023


Trevor Loudon: [00:00:00] As you’ve spoken about, Comrade Tedros, basically the Tigray Liberation Front for the Tigray Marxist-Leninist Party, he came out of the Maoist student movement of the 1970s, very much in bed with China. China did a lot of Belt and road developments and Ethiopia and got very, very friendly with Mr. Tedros and they basically appointed him as the head of the World Health Organization, though he’s not even [00:00:30] a medical doctor. He’s not quite sure what he is, actually. But he’s a politician. He’s an academic and a marxist Leninist guerrilla. So that’s the man at the top of the pile. But I think very, very a very sinister development was revealed a couple of months ago. They the World Health Organization and World Health Organization announced the appointment of a woman called Susan Michie to the head of the Behavioral Behavioral [00:01:00] Modification Unit of the World Health Organization. So she will be in charge of enforcing lockdowns, using psychology, using a little bit of carrot, a little bit of stick, whatever is necessary to get buy in to any future mandates, any future vaccination programs, anything the World Health Organization comes up against. Susan Michie is a big friend of communist China. She [00:01:30] has done smoking cessation problems programs for the Chinese government, so they have used to expertise to do mass programs in China. She’s also attended several conferences of psychological conferences run by the Communist Party of Cuba. Now. She is a long standing member of the Communist Party of Britain, which supports [00:02:00] China completely these days. It’s a so as part of the you know, the all the all these hundred 230 so world communist parties that look to China for their leadership.

Trevor Loudon: [00:02:12] Susan McCarthy was. Part of the SAGE group. Will is part of the Sage group, the the advisory Group on emergencies that advised Boris Johnson’s Conservative government on lockdown policy. And [00:02:30] she was known as a mask Nazi. She was known as, you know, we’re going to have to wear masks forever. We’re going to have lockdowns, the harshest possible lockdowns. She was an extremist on that, which is not surprising given her background. The British Communist Party, which has said she is part of. I’ve done documentaries about this. They actually use the unions that they have under their control, the teachers unions, [00:03:00] transport unions, etc., to lobby for the harshest possible lockdowns they had set up at the Morning Star. The British Communist Party newspaper set up the zero COVID group, which was about their philosophy, was we got to go for zero COVID. So it’s masks, it’s mandates, it’s lockdowns, it’s everything. This was all driven by the British Communist Party. Now it’s, in my view, [00:03:30] to basically extend the lockdowns as harshly as possible, to do the maximum possible possible damage to British capitalism. Now, Susan McKee. It’s not just an ordinary communist. She is communist royalty. Her father, I think, said Donald Michie, was a very famous mathematician and computer scientist. He made a lot of amazing discoveries and whatever. But he used to work in Bletchley [00:04:00] Park during World War Two. This was the super secret British, British Codebreaking establishment that broke the Nazi codes during World War Two and played a major role in Britain and the United States defeating Nazi Germany.

Trevor Loudon: [00:04:19] Now, that was a big target of Soviet Soviet interest, and he was a Communist Party member working in that institution. Susan, [00:04:30] as a young woman, was brought up as a red diaper baby. Her parents were going to the Soviet Union on a regular basis to shake up Czechoslovakia and Poland and Hungary on a regular basis. Susan, as a young woman, was were known as a tanky. Now, tanky is a is a term of derision on the left. You know, you have your ordinary garden variety communists, and they believe in, you know, pretty harsh measures. [00:05:00] But a tanky is the worst of the worst. You know, it’s a reference to the use of tanks by the Red Army and the suppression of the Prague Spring and Czechoslovakia. The tanks came in and shut down, shut down the the people trying to get a bit more freedom. And so that split the British Communist Party. The moderates didn’t really like the tanks, but the hardcore pro Soviet just lock them down [00:05:30] just with they love the tanks good On the Soviet Union. That’s exactly what has to happen. They are the tanks and she is a tank now. So she’s in there now. And this is my this is what I would say. This is what I’ve found in my research around the world. The areas, the countries that had the harshest lockdowns. Tended to be the ones with the most Chinese influence. [00:06:00] Now, if you look at America, you will look at the states of California and Oregon and Hawaii. Very harsh lockdowns.

Trevor Loudon: [00:06:08] Lots and lots of Chinese influence. The same in Massachusetts, very deep Chinese influence there, the same in New York, the same in Chicago, parts of North Carolina. This is a pattern of found. Sweden and Europe had some of the lightest lockdowns and they have, I believe, some of the least [00:06:30] Chinese influence. The Chinese obviously have control over a lot of politicians in every Western country, every third world country. But most importantly, they control the labor unions. Every major country in the world’s unions are now controlled by communists, including the United States. And they all answer to the CPC, the CPP, the Communist Party of China and Australia. Victoria and Australia was notorious [00:07:00] for its the length of its lockdowns and the harshness of its enforcement. Victoria is the California of Australia. Melbourne is the city is the San Fran is the San Francisco of Australia. It’s the Communist centre of Australia. It’s a it’s a home to both the Communist, the Australian Communist Party of Australia and the explicitly pro-Chinese Communist Party of Australia, Marxist, Leninist. Their [00:07:30] unions are completely controlled. They’re premier of Melbourne, a socialist left Labor premier, actually brought the Chinese Belt and Road into Victoria against the wishes of his own Prime Minister, the only state in Australia to sign up to the Belt and Road. And they had the harshest lockdowns and I think you’ll find this pattern repeating all over the world. So the Chinese gave us the virus [00:08:00] and there’s still a debate whether that was deliberate or accidental. But we know that once it was out there, it was deliberately foisted on the West.

Trevor Loudon: [00:08:09] The Chinese banned internal internal travel in China. They encouraged it to the West. So they gave us the vaccine, They infected us and they drove. They used their communist unions and their subservient politicians to drive the lockdowns as hard [00:08:30] as they possibly could and push for mass vaccination as much as they possibly could. So the Chinese both gave us the virus and managed the response. Now they have our position with Susan Mackie as the head of their behavioural unit, an expert in and psychological manipulation. Clearly, she has been put in position for the next for the next pandemic [00:09:00] and as a tanky as a member of the British Communist Party, as a mask, Nazi, as a lockdown Nazi, as a as a supporter of the zero COVID policy. You can imagine what kind of strategies she will be employing if she is given the opportunity. And it’s the only way out of this. As others have said as no, we’ve got to put a lot of pressure on the US government right now to [00:09:30] in some way get out of this agreement. At least we’ve got to keep the United States free, even if we can’t do others. Nothing can be. Nothing can be really implemented worldwide if the United States is not part of it. So, yeah, this is a communist power grab that’s very, very obvious. The Communist Party of Britain has got 2000, something like 2000 members right now. And one of them just happens to been appointed to one of the most important [00:10:00] positions and powerful positions on the planet right now.


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