Reggie Littlejohn: Why we need to leave and defund the WHO

Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, Co-Chair of the Stop Vaccine Passports Task Force. A graduate of Yale Law School, she is an expert on coercive population control and human rights in China and has testified nine times at the United States Congress. She equally focuses her efforts on stopping Chinese-style tyranny from spreading to the United States and worldwide through a totalitarian biotech surveillance state.

Reggie Littlejohn’s comment at a SVPTF webinar, Every Breath You Take: Big Brother’s Plan to Stalk You through the WHO, on Feb. 27, 2023


Reggie Littlejohn: [00:00:00] Our Constitution and the Nuremberg Code have already been abrogated by these vaccine mandates, etc., the lockdowns, etc.. So this is the situation and I discussed this with Dr. Francis Boyle offline. It’s basically a situation where. Our constitutional rights are being shattered. But they’re just going to continue to be shattered because the people who are in charge are globalists and [00:00:30] they have managed to terrorize the population to the extent that people are not willing to fight back. So they’re just doing it because they can. And what what this is about, in my opinion, is. You’ve got the World Economic Forum, you’ve got the globalists, you’ve got the great reset coming down through and the United Nations coming down through the World Health Organization, using health as a means to achieve their two ends, which are the population, as Dr. Yeadon had [00:01:00] mentioned. And then the other one is globalist control via these vaccine passports, digital IDs combined with the central bank digital currency, the ultimate result of which is it going to be a much lower population of the world and that those who are left are going to be under their under complete control of the globalists? That’s that’s how I see it.

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