WEBINAR | Vaccine Passports: Gateway to Mass Surveillance

Vaccine Passports are not merely the digital equivalent of the yellow vaccine cards long used in international travel. According to tech experts, the digital platform used by Vaccine Passports is the same platform used by the “Chinese Social Credit System.” It can be used to track and control nearly every aspect of our lives.

Vaccination Passport: First Step Toward A National Enemies Register

By Jay Valentine | StopVaxPassports.org | June 18, 2021 Current day Marxists, using the Saul Alinsky guidebook, understand opponents must be identified, frozen and vilified. The frozen and vilified part is pretty easy to accomplish. Identification at scale is a different matter. Thus the push by American Leftists to label anyone who opposes them with … Read more

Vaccine passports: governments should proceed with great caution through this minefield

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) | April 1, 2021 With millions of people receiving covid-19 vaccines globally, some countries have already started planning the implementation of “vaccine passports”—accessible certificates confirming covid-19 vaccination linked to the identity of the holder. The purpose of vaccine passports, governments argue, is to allow people to travel, attend large gatherings, … Read more

COVID-19 vaccine passports are not evidence-based and violate people’s freedom of choice

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) | April 1, 2021 The conversation about COVID-19 vaccine passports has reached fever pitch, with many media outlets reporting that proof of vaccination may be required for entry into pubs, restaurants, entertainment venues, gyms, workplaces or to travel abroad. This week the UK Prime Minister announced trials of a “Covid … Read more

UC Professor: Vax Passports Are a Bad Idea

Vinay Prasad, MD, MPH, explores the balance of possible (but uncertain) health benefits and social harms by Vinay Prasad, MD, MPH | Medpage Today | April 15, 2021 The COVID-19 debates have reached a new milestone: vaccine passports. A vaccine passport is three things. First, it is a non-forgeable record that documents SARS-CoV-2 vaccination. Non-forgeable … Read more

Naomi Wolf: ‘Fascistic Atmosphere’ from Oregon’s Vaccine Passport Mandate has Created ‘Jim Crow’ Two-Tier Society

She may be a Democrat but that doesn’t mean she’s wrong this time. By JD Rucker | Freedom First Network | May 24, 2021 Last week, Oregon became the first state to mandate businesses to only allow those who show proof of Covid vaccination to allow their customers to not wear a face mask. It’s … Read more

Here is what every country’s vaccine passport should have, according to the UN

By Shannon McDonagh | Euronews | 14/05/2021  A new set of recommendations outlining the required features of vaccine passports has been issued by the United Nations’ World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). The suggestions arose in response to the approaching summer months in the Northern Hemisphere, where the committee stresses an “urgent need to restart tourism”. There are … Read more