VIDEO: Dr. Harrari, WEF assistant to Klaus Schwab, advocates depopulation

Harrari and his partner are setting the world stage for mass murder on a genocide level for the depopulation agenda of the new world order.

Release | COVID jabs: They’re coming for your babies

PRESS ADVISORY For Immediate Release July 25, 2022 CONTACTS: For the Committee on the Present Danger: China Hamilton Strategies, [email protected], Beth Harrison, 610.584.1096, ext. 105, or Deborah Hamilton, ext. 102 For Women’s Rights Without Frontiers Reggie Littlejohn, 310.592.5722 [email protected]   COVID jabs: They’re coming for your babies Tuesday, July 26 at 4:30pm ET — CPDC webinar … Read more

Webinar | Covid Jabs: They’re Coming for Your Babies!

On June 28, the FDA approved Covid-19 injections for babies and children as young as six months old, under an Emergency Use Authorization. The FDA did this despite the fact that healthy infants and children of this age are at virtually no risk of hospitalization or death from Covid.

OPINION: Digital Gulag: WHO’s Pandemic “Zero Draft Report” Would Threaten our Sovereignty and Constitutional Rights

Surveillance Cameras on a Street Corner in China (iStock – credit: sinology)

A World Health Organization working group has quietly released a “Zero Draft Report” to recommend actions to govern worldwide preparedness and response to “public health emergencies,” including but not limited to pandemics.  Disguised in opaque language that sounds benign or even banal, it’s the most dangerous report you’ve never heard of.

RELEASE: Digital gulag: At Davos and Geneva world elites announce global surveillance platforms

The globalists at Davos and the World Health Organization (WHO) continue to build out the Digital Gulag of the Great Reset. In meetings hosted in Geneva earlier this month it was revealed that the WHO has contracted with Deutsche Telecom and its subsidiary, T-Systems, for the development of a global vaccine passport platform. And, at Davos, the World Economic Forum (WEF) showcased plans for a global carbon footprint tracker. Both tools are gateways to mass surveillance and social credit systems modeled on Communist China’s brutal and draconian system of population control.