WEBINAR | Covid Mandates: Crushing the Faithful

A Stop Vax Passports Task Force Webinar:

Covid Mandates:
Crushing the Faithful

An important discussion on Christians and Covid-19 mandates, passports, religious accommodations, and the government’s tracking of religious objectors.


Frank Gaffney

  • President of Save the Persecuted Christians and co-chair of the Stop Vax Passports Task Force via the Committee on the Present Danger: China for which he is the vice-chair. Mr. Gaffney is host of Securing America TV on Real America’s Voice Network and the Secure Freedom Radio show sponsored by the Center for Security Policy.


Reggie Littlejohn

  • President and founder of Women’s Rights without Frontiers and co-chair of the Stop Vax Passports Task Force. Ms. Littlejohn has been recognized by LifeSiteNews as one of their “People of the Year: Heroes of 2021 and leaders to watch in 2022.”

Rev. Kevin Jessip

  • Chairman of the Board for Save the Persecuted Christians and president and founder of Global Strategic Alliance who sponsored The Return 2020 and The Renewal 2022.

Dr. Kevan Kruse

  • Author of The Covid Beast: Why We Cannot Give Up Access to Our Bodies and star of the Supernatural Junkies podcast teaching Bible prophecy with candid, uncensored Godtalk. Dr. Kruse is also president of the board for Soil Ministries providing a pipeline of vision & resources to help Hondouras.

Trevor Loudon

  • A preeminent expert on Communism and China, researcher and author Trevor Loudon documents the depth of Marxist infiltration within America’s most influential church organizations in the recently released documentary Enemies within the Church.

Mike Berry, esq.

  • First Liberty’s lead counsel for U.S. Navy Seals seeking religious accommodations

Rachel Keane

  • Christian conservative comedian and host of Conservative Momma.

Dr. Sr. Deirdre Byrne

  • Sister DeDe is an active missionary sister and superior of her community in Washington, DC. She is double board-certified in family medicine and general surgery.
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